Opening Hours   Mon - Sat   18:00pm - 06:00am  L.O 05:30
  Sun,Holiday   18:00pm - 03:00am  L.O 02:30

Here are 10 great reasons to choose Jazz Cafe London

  1.Excellent,central location in the Heart of Roppongi but miles away,
    early convenient opening hours,
    perfect for that after work escape to meet and greet great friends
                     - "Be seen not heard"

  2.Cosmopolitan,English-speaking, friendly, attractive bar staff

  3.Private functions and parties catered for, regular live events
    and get - togethers for Foreign and Japanese professionals -

  4.Excellent selection of lounging music
  - jazz,funk, soul, UK house, 60's motown classics - fun for over 21's

  5.Competitive, challenging - Soft tip darts

  6."Nature's best Aphrodisiac" - Fresh Live Oysters

  7.Great selection of Scotch Malt Whiskies - single, blends and classics

  8.Genuine cuban cigars - "enlighten the senses"

  9.Over 200 quality cocktails are freshly prepared including ,
    Fresh fruit Martinis, The Ultimate Margarita, B52's etc

10.Superb, refreshing English Ale (Bass) on tap Pure,
     Guinness,Heineken,Hoegaarden white and More

ISO Roppongi Building B1F 4-9-5
Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo Japan

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TEL 03-3401-7474
FAX 03-5474-5670

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